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6 Jul 2017

Maintaining your Jet Ski Trailer


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Posted By Chuck P.

You spend a lot of time making sure your personal watercraft is in tiptop shape. When it is, you reap the benefits of an enjoyable day on the water. Are you giving the same care to the trailer that carries your jet ski around?

It's just as important to maintain your jet ski trailer as it is your PWC, jet ski, or sea doo. Proper and safe transport of your personal watercraft is dependent on a proper and safe trailer. Any malfunction with your transport apparatus can cause severe damage to your expensive watercraft. It can also cause damage to those near a wayward jet ski that's unloosed itself from a faulty trailer.

Cleanliness is a simple but prime factor in jet ski and jet ski trailer maintenance. It's advisable to wash down your jet ski or any other PWC after use, before placement on a trailer. The trailer requires hosing down after each launch, and before each reloading of your watercraft. Any dirt, grime, and salt will run-off from your sea doo and trailer with these washings. This prevents corrosive effects on the paint and parts of this equipment.

The best preventative maintenance for a wave runner or other personal watercraft trailer is a walk-a-round check. Before you begin your trek to the water, inspect your trailer thoroughly. An organized check doesn't take a lot of time. It could save you money and grief. It's best to find small problems before they become expensive big problems.

Here are some things to look for when checking your jet ski trailer:

* Check your hazard lights and brake lights to make sure they're illuminating properly. It's wise to disconnect your trailer lights during pre-launch of your personal watercraft. This prevents shorting out of the electrical system and burning out of light bulbs. Keep some spare bulbs in your glove compartment.

* Check to make sure there are no openings around the sealed light system. Also, check that the light lens coverings are not cracked; make sure they're clean as well.

* Is the wiring housed within the frame and free from exposure to the elements? You don't want any electrical problems due to water exposure.

* Check the tires of your PWC trailer. Are they in good shape or do you need a wheel upgrade? Check for proper inflation of tires, and the spare trailer tire, if you have one. Ensure that trailer wheel lug nuts are tight enough. See that wheel bearings are maintained and greased, and that tire rims are not warped.

* Perform an axle inspection for signs of metal fatigue, rust, and general wear and tear. You can get a galvanized axle upgrade as an extra level of protection if your budget allows.

* During off-season storage, prevent your tires from going flat or from corroding by taking them off the trailer. Store them inside somewhere. You can use cement blocks or a jack to hold your trailer in a secure position. Just make sure you park it on a level spot.

* Check the suspension on your jet ski trailer. You don't want your PWC rocking and rolling down the highway due to an inadequate suspension system.

* Check the alignment of your jet ski trailer. This ensures smooth, safe transport of your sea doo, or jet ski. It also ensures less wear and tear on your tires.

* Check for cracks in the welds of the metal. Check for cracks in plastic parts of the trailer such as the fenders.

* Remove rust from any parts as soon as possible. Prime, and paint any areas that are victims of corrosion.

* Ensure that the load the personal watercraft trailer is carrying is under the maximum load carrying capacity. Excessive weight, beyond the trailers capacity, is harmful and dangerous.

* Check the winch mechanism after each use. This piece takes a lot of stress and it must be in proper working condition every time.

* Do not perform any PWC trailer alterations if it's still under warranty. You risk losing your warranty coverage if you perform modification work on your trailer.

Preventative maintenance of your PWC trailer will save you money and headaches. It will get you to the beach on time so you can enjoy sun, sand, and spray, as you ride the surf.


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